Lanco Defines Automation
Lanco Assembly Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of turnkey automated assembly and test systems, serving customers from a wide variety of industries such as automotive, consumer products, cosmetic, electronics, medical, military, and telecommunications.

A Systematic Approach to Assembly
The level of automation required is normally dictated by the customer’s manufacturing philosophy and/or the product itself. Whether your application requires a flexible platform like our HFL 2002-S Pallet Transfer System, or a high-speed indexer, or a well-controlled pressing or welding process, or the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as vision-guided robots or integrated testers, LANCO Assembly Systems can assist from product development to final production. LANCO will help you determine the best combination of manual, semi-auto, and automatic operations for the optimum manufacturing solution.

LANCO Assembly Systems specializes in configuring systems with flexibility in mind so the assembly line can be expanded as production requirements increase or as product design dictates, thus minimizing the investment risk through the product life.
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